Turn your unemployment tax dollars
into program dollars.
Can't wait for the YMCA General Assembly!
We, 501(c) Agencies Trust, are proud to once again be an exhibitor of the General Assembly of YMCAs Conference and Exhibition. This year we will all be in Kansas City!
Currently, more than 200 YMCA's work with us collectively saving millions of dollars annually on their unemployment costs. We love working with our YMCA organizations to save money – money they can use more effectively in program expansion and staffing to better serve their communities.
How we help YMCAs save.
We are America's oldest unemployment program. Primarily, we help nonprofits leave their state unemployment tax system and become reimbursing employers. Under federal law, nonprofits can opt out of a state’s unemployment insurance (SUI) tax system. Instead of paying a flat state tax rate, we help nonprofits build a reserve account that they own and that earns interest through sound investing.
Annually our member organizations save up to 40% on their unemployment expenses. In 2015, the average savings for our members was more than $30,000.
Visit us at YMCA booth #610.
Stop by and say "Hello." We'll show you how your organization can save money by controlling your unemployment insurance costs.
If you would like to research your possible savings, complete the form to the right. These few details allow us to run your organization a savings analysis. You'll easily be able to determine if this program is right for your organization.
Once again, come see us during the General Assembly for more details. Or schedule a meeting anytime and anywhere by emailing Heidi Posada.